Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elementary - Sherlock Holmes

Elementary - the Americans' take at updating Sherlock Holmes.
It's present day, and Sherlock is persona non grata in London, so he has taken refuge in one of his father's places in New York. He is a bit more political correct as he is now a recovering addict and Dr Watson has been employed by his father to keep him on the right track. Dr. Watson is also updated, as he (John) is now a her (Jane) in the American version.
I enjoy this series, as they are not deprieving Sherlock of his English heritage - he is still not afraid to challenge his surroundings in pursuit of the truth and Watson is still trying to keep him a bit more in sync with his surroundings.


Birdie said...

I watch this as well!

Petra said...

We watch it too! love it! love it! love it!