Saturday, August 24, 2013

May Tea Swap - Part 2

I had to re-do the May swap, and so did Robyn... wonder why the mail route between Denmark and Hawaii has become that bad, and the replacement from Robyn took about 2 weeks to arrive - and it was worth the wait.

I took several photos of the swap card since I noticed a shadow when taking the first photo - yet picking that first photo, as I think the shadow added something to it.... What do you think?

The swap card is a card - with a pocket inside to hold the two teabags: pineapple and passion fruit from Hawaiian Islands Tea Company - that Robyn had made during one of Fran's classes. The card FEELS Hawaiian with the flowers, colors and everything about this card. If a card can be an ambassador for a place, this card certainly earns that title

Robyn included 4 more cards that she has created - all of them very elegant and fitting for numerous receivers and all of them oozing lots of inspiration for future cards.

Thanks Robyn for being the May swap partner and the inspiration sent my way :o)

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