Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Silence of the Llamas

The Silence of the Llamas by Anne Canadeo - the 5th Black Sheep Knitting Mystery.

Can you imagine driving into the country side in Massachusetts along with some of your friends during the fall, stopping by farms buying pumpkins, apple sauce, apple cider, fruits etc.? Your final destination is a fiber festival, held by a friend - and also to support one of your closets friend who has a stall at the festival, Maggie.
The merry festival ends abruptly due to animal cruelty, and the knitting group finds out, that there are several suspects to consider. Or are their farm friends caught in the middle of a battle regarding land protection? The animal cruelty escalates and suddenly they also have a murder at their hands - they chose to stand by their friends while figuring out whi they can actually trust.
While they are sleuthing, they are knitting items to sell for a charity. I love reading about charities - they knitted a blanket in "Knit, Purl, Die" - and in another book I am currently reading, they are making caps for preemies, just like I did a few years back. Feels good once in a while to support various causes with hand crafted items - and love how the authors encourage their readers to participate too. In this series, recipés, patterns, links etc are shared via the knitting store's bulletin board.


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