Monday, August 26, 2013

Yarn to Go

First book in A Yarn Retreat Mystery series by Betty Hechtman - made me think of a scene in the movie Snow Wonder, where Aunt Lulu (Played by Mary Taylor Moore) says the following:

"You know, sometimes in a family there can be a square peg - the one that doesn'r really fit in. And sometimes family can embrace that and sometimes they feel threathened by it. They try to sit on you. They love to tell you what isn't possible."

I bet that Casey Feldstein feels a bit like that, when it comes to her own family - she now stays at her aunt's place in a small city where she has build up a business as a dessert chef. When her aunt dies, she tries to host a yarn reatreat, that her aunt had planned before dying. But "She got totally frustrated when I kept mixing up with crocheting and knitting. I knew that you needed two things for one of them and one for the other, but not which for which. Needles, hooks, not my thing."

A regular at the yarn retreat is suddenly found murdered and Casey decides, that the killer must be caught - but will she succeed? And will she ever learn the difference between needles and hooks and get the yarn in her blood?

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