Thursday, August 29, 2013


Do you ever have to urge to buy something, that you really do not need, but still you have the sense, that you must buy it, because it is cheap or maybe you foresee future creative use could pop up using the newly purchased craft item(s)??

Well I call that the Crafter's Curse - that sounds a lot better than a supply hoarder does it not? Then one could argue, that I should now better as being a purchaser for a living - but then again, I know that this particular store takes home their goods in bulk, so if sold out you have to wait an uncertain number of days until restocked - if restocked again at all. The day I purchased these was the first time, I have even seen their ribbon as so many colors/shades at the same time.

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Karen said...

Seems to me you were well restrained only buying one roll of each colour.....