Monday, August 12, 2013


Just love this packaging of organic eggs - seems so creative, alternative and reminds me of childhoold drawings and advertising - homemade style. Also reminds me when we could go to the farm "next door" and buy fresh eggs by the stable door - often cheaper than the stores and natural (before we started using the word organic) - no additives and only natural food.

Now the natural thing is the most expensive, outprices by the cheap and often with additives (monitored though) or socalled fresh vegetables and fruit, that is actually not ripe when being shipped off, but ripens during the transport from other countries.

Money talks, so it has become more about the profit than producing the real stuff: organic food. Growing organic food requires more land, man hours etc.

I grew up with a huge vegetable garden and a lot fruit trees, so we were more or less self sufficient through the year depending on the fruits/vegetables/berries of the season, jarred items and the big freezer, and was in for quite an eye opener when moving away from home: those vegetables and fruit that I could afford did not have much taste/flavour compared to the homegrown stuff.
The UK has no tax on healthy food, which can encourage more to buy organic..... China has experienced quite an explosive tendency, as more and more Chinese now want to buy organic food. Is this tendency spurred by some of the food scandals that they have had? But what about the poor - they can not afford the more expensive organic stuff.... Buying organic in some countries are still regarded as alternative way of living.
So for me less has now become more - I may not be able to buy as much when using organic food, but the taste does all the difference and one can enjoy the food more, so I do not mind. Then again I am also the type of person that tries to recycle as much as possible to save ressources.

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