Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Till Death Do Us Purl

Till Death Do Us Purl by Anne Canadeo - the 6 th Black Sheep Knitting Mystery

Maggie is know as the local EFT (Emergency Fiber Technician) and is contacted by Nora and Rebecca Bailey, as Rebecca's wedding date has been accelerated to take place in less than two weeks and her knitted wedding dress plus shrugs for the bridesmaids are far from being finished. 
Maggie and her friends abandon their own projects for a while and step in to help Rebecca get the knitting done in time. But happy times are soon interupted, as a death occur only days after the wedding - the circle of friends once again start wondering: Who did it? Why? And who can they really trust? A new trend reaches the shop: arigumi - Maggie tries out the patterns for knitted miniature animals and starts classes teaching arigumi.

When reading about Maggie's window decoration "...she noticed Maggie had channged the window display. The clever kites were gone. A flock of colorful knitted birds had taken their place, hopping around a tree Maggie had fashioned out of cardboard, complete with paper leaves.", I remembered a pin that intrigued me on Pinterest:

Source: Pinterest and UsefulDYI
There is even a how-to - and that seems like and amazing way of using the small ends and pieces of yarn you have left after finishing knitting a project - and fitting for a window display in a yarn shop. It could be just one of those things that Phoebe could find on the internet or something that Maggie could include in one of her fiber classes, where knitting mums could attend a course while their kids could be occupied with a project like this.

Wonderful, when you read a book about creative people, that your minds wander of to projects and thoughts that could be fun :o)

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