Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Counting Points

Somehow I wish it were frequent flyer points that I am counting.... but it is WeightWatcher points...

Or rather I should be counting points, but I don't. For me attending the WeithWatcher meetings is all about getting new ideas for healtier food and getting the support from others, that also want to loose some weight. Slowly more than 15 kgs have been lost during the past 1½ year - not a lot, but just a slow progress and by not counting points everyday but still being aware about what I put into my mouth/body makes me happy about the weight loss.

My BMI has been in the "normal" zone the past year, and I intend for it to stay there - loosing a few extra kgs would make the differense.... I have actually reached my mail goal regarding the size of pants - an can I achieve an additional weight loss I will consider it as a bonus.

When I was a child/teenager I was soo skinny - and soon called grasshopper, sticks-and-bones ets by other kids. My parents were summoned by the school nurse everytime they employed a new one in order to discuss my food habits. But my father has always been skinny to, so just by looking at him, hearing about the amount of food I actually consumed everyday combined with a high level of activity the nurses soon dropped all thoughts of me having anorexia.
I started gaining weight at the same time, that I was diagnosed with MS - my activity level did not drop... but earlier this year a doctor and a dietician explained that my body suddenly rejects some types of foods due to the MS, and instead of the body fighting calories it was fighting the rejected food..... a blodtest revealed which few things that I should leave out of my diet (actually nothing major - and all of them food items, that are normally considered healthy). I have yet to quit other bad habits, but so far the weight have dropped steadily ever since....

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