Sunday, November 8, 2009

Favourite building - does everybody have one...??

Everytime I am in New York, I always make sure that I have the time to visit the following places: the MET's Temple of Dendur, Empire State Building and.... to see the Chrysler Building (the picture is from March 2009).

I remember that my mum at a very early age asked me, which style I liked the most when it came to art - she was surprised that the words "Art deco" came out of my mouth without hesitation. She asked me if I did not mean cubism, as we have just seen an cubism exhibition with paintings by George Braque and Pablo Picasso - to this I simply answered "No Mum. Art deco like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. To this day, I still do not know how I knew that the buildings were Art Deco style. Back then I dreaded going to art exhibitions - I thought they were soo boring but later on I started appreciating art and surprised many of my own age about my knowledge about painters, styles etc.

I also remember a conversation with one of my best friends - we were talking about time travel: if we could go back in time or live in a different time, when would it be? For me it was always the 1920's which might be due to my facination of art deco.

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