Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From almost-panic-attach to happy face

Last Friday, the day just got worse and worse the closer we got to midnight. I just wanted to scream "LEAVE ME ALONE" and crawl into bed and forget all about Friday, November 20th.

The following day was a complete turn-around and my mood has been high since....


Well love my new haircut - looking in the mirror was kinda "Hey, long time no see!" - I gained weight after the MS diagnosis 7+ years ago, but the MS diet as "returned" my weigt to where I was just before the diagnosis - the new haircut suddenly made me realise that my face was back to normal.

Been travelling with my job and came home to the news, that I now have a "new" boss - its a person that I have been working closely and really respect... The job-situation lately made me wonder if I should get and get a job in a completely different area of expertise: I saw no progress, felt like having zero support from the boss and just confusing signals everywhere... Fells like an early Christmas :o)

Btw cant remember where I saw this towel, but it makes me smile

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Good for you girl that you like your new haircut!! My job is confusing to no end at the moment too so I feel for ya! I think it's the holidays that drive people nuts!!

That towel is the best! I might have to find that! hehe.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!