Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th ... Good or Bad.... ????

Paraskevidekatriaphobia....the fear of Friday the 13th.

Ok I speak several languages - but just pronouncing that word.... uhu felt like my tongue went numb halfway through - tested my colleagues with the word, and it spread out to the other offices of the company and generated great laughs. What a cool way to start a weekend - generating laughs just by asking people to pronounce a word and then see their face when they learned the meaning of it :o)

I am born on the 13th (in February) so for me it is always something special....

My boss however didnt have good day - he is crawling on the walls as he doesnt know how to address us - he was confronted yesterday by some of my colleagues who insist that "enough is enough" - he is totally lacking the overview on whats happening around him and he has zero respect from his employee when it comes to his resposibilities as a manager.
Do I feel bad for him.... nah! not really - there have been so many signs, so many discussions etc. that should have made him realise a long time ago, that he is heading in the wrong direction......
My colleagues are the reason why I dont call in sick eventhough I from time to time perhaps should stay at home - have some me-time - and maybe let my body re-generate. They often ask me howcome I never call in sick and just stay in bed all day reading - they know that I have MS and are surprised that my energy level is often higher than theirs. But if I stay at home, I feel like I am letting the MS win over me - going to work makes me forget all about it..
That just make me think about the first entry of this blog - especially the comment "What the hell are you doing here - you are creative, you should pursue it!"
Blogging is still the newest project for me - going through some of my photos during the next time and maybe/hopefully change the layout a little bit.... But first priority must be finishing my x-mas cards - yep every single one that I send is homemade...

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