Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday - S is for...

When you only have to see a letter part of a logo like above and then recognize it...
Then it is really good branding

S is for...

Sherlock Holmes
Conan Doyle - classic!!!
..snowflake...snowflake...winter... :o)
Sometime you just need to have alonetime to clear your thoughts, relax and just be you
A favourite retreat when I travel... time to relax... look at other people passing by... enjoying a beverage...fells a little bit like home since the scenery is not different even though it might be in foreign countries
Sometimes you could ask for more... And sometimes you are full of it.
That I am... I need to be in order to live as normal as possible with the MS
Beautiful to look at - and it's seeds/oil taste wonderful in food

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