Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey Hey... Are You Ok?

An event Tuesday made me think of Sarah Hepburn's lyrics to "Hey Hey..Are you OK?" from 2005 - remember seing the music video on MTV....

I was away from my cell phone for about 1½ hour while taking a walk - I left it at my appartment on purpose as I did not wanted to be disturbed while walking, and was surprised to see that I have had unanswered calls from 7 friends/colleagues.

Then it rang again - call number 8 and when I answered, I got the question "Have you heard the news" Are You OK?"

What news?! I had no clue what she was talking about. It turns out that a local celebrety has just died (early 50s) and she was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago - it turned out that some simple infection have eventually killed her.

Having heard that, I immediately knew what all the phonecalls were all about:
"MS is dangerous, it affects your immune system"
"Beware of small infections, they might kill you"
"Please let us know, if you have the slightest cold" 

Oh boy! Now that will be blown out of proportions by a lot of people for a while. My closest friends and colleagues however have not reacted that way to the latest news story, as they know that MS is various from person to person suffering from it.... One of them laughed at commotion and said "Well knowing you, I wouldn't worry - It takes a lot more than a simple infection to spoil your day".

And to the concerned people, I can only ask them the following with a smile on my face "Well do you worry when you are walking outside your home? You never know, when you could be hit by a car!" - That type of remark usually makes them very quiet.


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