Monday, July 5, 2010

Taylored Expressions Sketch Challenge 119

I set out to do a another sketch challenge, but it did not come out the way I wanted to.... But during the attempt I stumbled over three reindeers on a napkin, and I had the idea for this challenge.

By using decoupage finish, I am able to apply the napkin motif to paper - but not any kind of paper is usable due to the finish being liquid when applying it. I therefore use water color paper imported from India - it also gives a certain touch to the napkin motif due to the texture of the paper.

This week's sketch looks like this:

And here is my idea:

Yes, I know that we are far away from Christmas. Yet we are not, since I have to make minimum 20 Christmas cards for myself and an unknown additional number, as friends tend to ask for homemade Christmas cards at the very last minute.... and I have still to figure out, what this year's theme is gonna be. Was hoping to get a little bit closer to THE IDEA, but... hmmm.. doesn't quite feel like it. Only thing I do know - the green striped paper in the background is going to be used both on my Christmas Cards but also in the boxes, that I will be making for the presents.... I got a bunch of it at a market when I was in Seoul a couple of months ago.

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