Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Reserve the Right... to Change My Mind :o)

Whenever I get feedback on my blogposts, I am always checking out the blog of the person leaving that comment. I did the Christmas in July challenge a week ago, and I got a comment from Rosemary.

I went over to her blog and encountered something new: an embelished paper doily project.

OK - I have always disliked paper dolies as I have always regarded them as waste of paper. There you have it... I did... until yesterday that is :o)

This is one of Rosemary's creations and I am fascinated - she has some interesting things on her blog, and I can not wait to read more. I wanted to find out more regarding this project, when I found out, that she got inspired by Christine

Go see Christine's blog now - you will not regret it. She even has tutorials that could help getting you started.

I was blown away by Christine's final result - is is soo awsome. WOW!! I have printed out the picture of her window box and put it on my notice board, which is actually my biggest source of inspirations, as it has a lot of to-do ideas: printouts, clippings from magazines, articles, postcards, pictures etc.

What would be on a window box created by me - actually several ideas popped into my head:
- X-mas theme
- 50's theme (including dresses, diners, the coca cola logo, cars etc.)
- Travelling

Actually many more ideas are wandering in my head, but I need to do one project at the time, at right now I have several "balls in the air" that I have to catch before throwing a new one.

NOTE: The pictures shown in this blogpost are belonging to Rosemary and Christine.

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Rosemary said...

Oh, thank you - I'm so glad you've been inspired! I love your idea of a 50's theme, that is so cool, I am also thinking of holiday themes (fall - Thanksgiving/Halloween, valentine's, Christmas, etc.). I hope there are enough doilies in the world.