Monday, July 19, 2010

Eating habits

The answer, I would learn was in the words petit and peu, which both mean "a little". You can have de tout un peu pas beaucoup, meaning you can have a little of everything, but in small portions.
French Women Don't Get Fat
Mireile Guiliano

Have you ever seriously thought about your eating habits?

I never thought, I had to - but the MS changed everything. Meat is only in very limited amounts and only rarely - my body can not digest it properly. Fish and turkey are "my thing" and luckily I like them both.

Adjusting the eating habits, as there are generally healthy food-types, which are not healthy for me any longer, has been a process with lots of pitsfalls. And as soon I got a hold of it, I started losing the weight gained after the MS took control of my body. I may be able to fight the handicaps usually affiliated with MS, but I seriouly had to listen to my body's reactions when it came to food.

You may argue that the MS helped me loose weight - but it was actually gained because of the MS... but to change - I had to myself.

Other people strugling with overweight may have issues. But until they understand was underneath/behind those issues, will they actually be able to loose weight?

In her book, Mireile Guiliano argues, that multitasking is bad when eating, because your mind is occupied with other things, so it does not realise, that you are not hungry anymore until you have actually eaten to much..... And in some countries, finishing everyting that is on your plate means, that you are still hungry, and you need more food - in others it simply means that you like the food, therefore you finish you plate....

Loosing weight is never easy - but just remember if you occasionally fall into pits, it does not matter, as long as it does not happen often. Remember to allow yourself time to prepare your food - and enjoy it while eating it. The word little actually means a lot, if you live by it - you should be able to see a difference for the better.

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