Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday - T is for...

T is for...

Comes in more flavours than one can count - my favourite hot beverage
Could be you in your home, a squirrel/bird in a tree, a fish in the pond....
Sometimes you need to show some...
Wonderful way of remembering the past - love most of the dishes (but mashed potatoes with marshmellows?? Who came up with that?? Not a favourite)
Sometimes you follow some... Other times you create your won
Paper turned into cards... Events that have an huge impact on your life... pretty much what you make o it..
For me when I am sitting comfortably, with a cup of tea reading a book - an nobody/nothing disturbs me :o)
Firsthand encounter with other places, tourist attractions, places that had a big impact on history, adventures, new input.... For some a pleasure, for others something they need to do....
That little creature - wearing it's house on at all time.... love them
One of Mother Nature's ways of showing, that we can not control her behaviour - I've encountered one and I will never forget it (luckily I was surrounded by calm people how has encountered them all their life and passing on the calmness to me)

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