Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things You Take For Granted

Ever passed by a place reguarly - you notice what is there, and yet you do not really realise what you see?? Sounds cryptic? Where to begin...?

Yesterday I had a downer of a day. Did receive some good news at the beginning of the day, but so much paperwork needs to be done/changed because of it ... then work .... then problems caused by my knee (can not wait for that minor knee operation)....... argh!!

Then last night, Petra emailed me since, I was one of the random picked winners for this card which resulted in me having 3 wonderful new digistamps to play with. Mood lifted to happy spirit again and thing a thought hit me......

My fascination of hot air ballons - I know it dates back to my childhood, but have not really realised the cause until now.. something I passed with the bus once in a while, which would fuel my imagination. Browsed through my photos and laughed when I found this:

It was made by the artist Henry Heerup and is a commercial for a travel insurace company. The weird thing here is not only that I discovered the source of my fascination - I am also a member of the Museum Friends at the artist's museum.


Birdie said...

Congratulations on your win!

After reading this, add the following to your some day itinerary. You won't be disappointed.

Anne-Marie said...

Strange how some things can affect us on a deep level....for me, it's always been the sight of a patchwork quilt....didn't have them growing up, but would see them in American films, and would be fascinated with the look, fabric,colours etc.
Just made a steampunk hot air balloon card for my son's birthday!