Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 Minute Showers

My 4 minute hourglass is placed on the mirror right next to the shower.

We have to keep down the use of water to a minumum, instead of just using it carelessly. Spotted this little hourglass in a local chain store, where they are campaigning along with Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (Danish Society for Nature Conservation) that 4 minutes showers should be sufficient.

Bought one and was convinced that my showers took way longer time than that. Imagine my surprise when I discovered, that I actually use less than 4 minutes on my showers :o) The big time-stealer seems to be all the other of my daily rutines connected with the daily shower.

Wish that more people would consider to buy one of these, as it is a cheap way of testing time consumed in the shower - those using too much water could reduce their waterbill if only showering for 4 minutes... and help preserve the amount of water.


Petra said...

Anne, what a clever idea for reducing shower time. I don't have very long showers either, but I can for sure sit for hours in a bath! LOL! though that would be defeating the object of saving water I imagine?

Vicky said...

WOW, I can't seem to get shorter than an 8 min shower. Have tried, but then I have to leave out conditioning my hair!
In the next few year, water meters are going to be installed in all houses, so it might be a good idea to get one of these.

Karen said...

That's a good idea! I don't think I take long to actually shower - it's the getting in and out that takes the time.

Andaje said...

uhhh Petra like a tub-bath.... for me that is a holiday thing so maybe twice a year with lots of candles, a glass of red wine and a book at hand