Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello - Mushi-mushi - Pronto

During this roller coaster week of events and news, I received a book in the mail from one of my friends. She shares my passion for good books and she therefore sent me one that had made her laugh really loud. Today I finally had some me-time where I could make her a thank-you card.

A while ago I bookmarked a page showing how to make the above pictured style: scales chip cart as this went on my must-try list, so I found some paper scraps, that was saved for purposes like this; where you just need small pieces. Wanted to use it as a background as I stumbled across this cool retro phone freebie earlier this month..

Ended up with this card after the colored retro phone was mounted along with some HELLOs that sometimes comes out of my mouth when picking up the phone at work - the calling number is usually displayed in the office phone when the world is calling, and it makes a huge difference if you can say "Hello" in the caller's local language. Actually I do speak some Spanish and Japanese....

Now I just hope that my friend will smile when she receives her retro card.


Vicky said...

A lovely colourful card the whole idea of the card is fab from the telephone to the different "hello's".

Glad you are getting some "me" time on you holidays.

Karen said...

What a great idea to using up scraps!