Friday, June 15, 2012

June Tea Swap 2012 - Part 2

Ok, back when I had only been stamping for less than half a year, I would never have endeavoured to make a male card, unless the idea had come to my mind and not a required theme for a card. That thought would simply have been way out of my comfort zone as I only made cards/used techniques that scared me. Still on a learning curve, but comfortable to take up challenges :o)

Well glad that it did not stop Miyuki from making her swap to me, as this card indeed is a male card.... he looks like he is going to let you in on Hawaiian secrets: Best place to surf? Best place to hike? Best place to have a good time?

Thanks for the swap Miyuki - not showing the little extra goodies you sent as going to use those on some cards soon.... and  recipients might be reading this blog - but those extra goodies will surely be used well :o)

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scrapnhawaii said...

Wow, Miyuki did a great "Hawaiian" Card!! Can't wait to see what you post with your new goodies, Anne!