Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crafter's Tea Party 1st Swap - Part 2

Maybe you remember, that I walked down memory lane when creating the swap for Mary Anne, but behold, got a gorgeous creation from Mary Anne that "just" have soo many details.

History of tea; well the image reminds me of what could be a tea party that Jane Austen would attend. Some of the techniques used in this card I would never consider trying as I am not sure that I could pull it off - but watching this card with admiration (it is just above my compuer at the moment... and that image's pearly edge... love it.

Just look as this flourishing inside!! And thse teapots and teacups.... where to find some of those?? Then again would probably end up not being used if I did buy/find them, as do not think I would be able to let them go.

Flowers and pearls to be found on the teapouch... to be honest the thought of using flowers like those in any of my creations seems to be too scary a thought - think I would just mess them up, but they look so precious on Mary Anne's creation.

Wow one more tea lesson - did not knot that the Irish have their own breakfast tea.

Mary Anne - blown away by your creation - do not think my swap to you even comes close to doing your swap justice.... but I love it. Thank you!!

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Vicky said...

What a wonderful creation. The sentiment in the inside is is priceless, lol.
I love the charms but like you don't know it I could send them away if I got some. :)