Friday, June 8, 2012

The Football Frenzy Is Here

No not American Football, not soccer.... FOOTBALL... you may call it soccer but to our continent it is football.

Even Coca Cola is participating in the hype around EURO 2012 - the European Championship - as they are one of the main sponsors, so currently the bottles and cans look like this:

The Danish team qualified for the tournament, so lots of people will follow this on tv - especially on the nights where "our boys" are playing..... if they games had been on during workhours, a lot of workplaces put up big screen TVs so their employees can watch the game there instead of taking time off and watching it at home.

Coca Cola's colors and the colors of the Danish flag are the same: red and white. The roligans are also dressed in red and white to support the team. The rooligan is a Danish thing, quite the opposite of a hooligan, as he/she is well-behaved and cheerful even if the team has lost.

Lips and straw like this: flash back to the 80s.

All I can say is: Go Denmark! Go!

6 comments: said...

nice coca cola pics

Vicky said...

It is called Soccer here in Ireland also as we have our own football game.
There will be a lot of rivalry between us for the next few weeks. We are group C, Germany and Denmark are in the same group and England group D. :)Let the fun begine. lol

Karen said...

Thank goodness my hubbers doesn't like soccer. Hockey season just ended here in Canada, so I will see more of him!

Andaje said...

Ahhhh but we beat those orange tullips today (Netherland)... and Karen you just reminded me of an ex boyfriend..... first he saw every football match in the European Championships, then watched the 3 weeks if Tour de France and then 2 weeks of olympics - that was his way of spending a summer.

Rosemary said...

I enjoy the World Cup when it rolls around (sorry, couldn't help the pun). I love the idea of well behaved fans, wouldn't more sports be nice if the fans didn't get too rowdy and cross the line? Hope the team does well!

Rauf Arshad said...
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