Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Holiday Yarn

Vacation time means reading time :o) Since I need some Christmas mojo to get started on this years Christmas cards and posting that massive amount of weaved hearts taking up table space, I opted for Sally Goldenbaum's "A Holiday Yarn"... Got a lot of strange looks on the train yesterday, when people realised the title of the book, but was MY way of spending more than 2½ hours on trains yesterday (family visit).

A visit back to Sea Harbour where we once again meet the Seaside Knitters. It's Christmas time and during the festivities a murder occur, so our friends are starting to figure out who-did-it while engaging in Christmas preperation and activities. Sally describes the festivities so vivid, that the book becomes multi dimentional: the Christmassy smells, the music, the Christmas decorations just crawls out of that book. Well the murder mystery becomes more intense, and Izzy Chambers encounters personal problems when it comes to the man in her life.... so while the needles are working fast to get presents done, there is mysteries to be unravelled..


Vicky said...

Certainly sounds like an interesting book. Bet you don't get such strange look is reading a "summer" novel during the winter!

Karen said...

I need something Christmasy to get me in the mood for making my cards.

Anne-Marie said...

Sounds wonderful...will look out for this one!
Thank you so very much for my bee-a-oo-tee-ful card, and you KNOW how I feel about those gorgeous snowflakes....haaaa!

Cole Meyer said...

Sounds like a great read. Hope you had a wonderful trip!