Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How The Other Half Works

Was thinking of Jacob Riis' booktitle: "How the Other Half Lives" just before starting writing this post.

Today is Grundlovsdag (Constitution Day) and is a rather peculiar national holiday, as it is only the afternoon that is declared national holiday. Therefore the workforce are split in two camps: those who have to work in the morning, and those with the whole day off as a "gift" from their employers. I used to belong to the first half, but my current job gives us the whole day off.

Today is also Father's Day, so believe a lot of young people has something planned for their daddy - me I sent the "usual" homemade Father's Day card that he always enjoys receiving.


Anne-Marie said...

Happy Grundlovsdag, Anne!
I love when you share something new about your lovely country....thank you....and I'd also like to thank you for your encouraging comments about my creative efforts...haa!
Would love to see what you sent to your Dad...hint...hint. ;P

Vicky said...

I never knew much about Denmark before "meeting" you but I have learnt so much over the past year through you writing and photos. Do continue to teach, please. :)

Karen said...

Yep I agree with Anne-Marie and Vicky, I always learn so much from your blogs and always enjoy your photos and your take on all kinds of things....you have a unique view or should I say "gift" Anne.

Rosemary said...

I'm with everyone else as well, you provide not only a very interesting post to read but one that is informative and gives a little bit of a history or cultural lesson. I think that is where real unity begins, when we learn more about one another and share our cultures. Apparently there is a bit of Dane in my family history on Mom's side so this is nice to learn.