Friday, June 1, 2012

What the ...??!!

If you look up French fries in Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, you get the following definition: thin strips of potatoes deep-fried. Well if you order French fries in one of my local pizza/burger places you now get potato wedges like these when you order French fries?!?!

I can make pretty decent potato wedges in my oven at home, and I was in the mood for French fries (which happens about once a year) and was dissapointed when I got home and opened the box of food. Called the place to hear if they could replace the wrong order, which they refused - it might say French fries on the menu board, but you get potato wedges instead. I snapped, so I asked them if they served sandwiches when ordering a burger, since they are both with bread and meat? They refused to understand the difference between the kind of potatoes ordered and those served.

Well if I order something, I expect them to deliver/prepare accordingly - and in case of any change they actually have to inform me and give me the possibility to cancel the order. In fact those are might rights according to trade laws - so gues what: I am not buying food from that place again, since I can noot be sure, that they preoare the right food.

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Karen said...

I'm not a potato wedge fan. When I order french fries, I want french fries!