Monday, July 15, 2013

Angora Alibi

We have had some good summerdays lately, so time to go to the local park and find a reading place on a bench during the weekends - just for a couple of hours to rewind. The past weekend it was needed even more, as my sleeping, eating, resting patterns etc. got all messed up du to a 5-day MS attack treatment. Most colleagues never realised what was happening, as I went to work as usual - due to summer time things are luckily a little slower than usual - and trying to have a normal day is the best medicine. One normal thing for me is also "escaping" into the wonderful words of a book.
Back to Sea Harbour where Izzy Chambers Perry is almost due with her baby - she discovers an abandonned baby car seat on the beach, eqiuipped with a knitted blanket. The yarn used for the knitted blanket was sold from her yarn shop only to fuel more thoughts about the discovery.
Soon we realised that the car seat has a connection to a local murder and suddenly it becomes a race against time for the Sea Side Knitters to solve this so the new born can arrive in a safe world while they are knitting on a baby blanket for baby Perry.
I love reading those books, where you return to the same city and cast of characters and feel present there yourself. It also makes me smile a bit - as I remember something I read about the tv-series "Murder, She Wrote" with Angela Lansbury. They said that Cabbot Cove, where the series mostly takes place, has the worlds highest murder rate due to all the murders happening in the tv-series.... but then again Sea Harbour still seems a lot less extreme :o)

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