Sunday, July 7, 2013

National Geographic 125 Years


Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark - one of only 3 places in the world commemorating the 125th anniversary of National Geographic with more than 100 photos (old and new) on display. I am one of them alway's WOW'ed when flipping through a National Geographic Magazine, so a visit to this exhibit was an absolute MUST.

Photos by Tim McCurry were present, historic photos etc. that just makes you speachless. These two photos were a real treat, as I had never seen them before:

Albatrosses at the South Georgia Island, 1977 - never knew that albatrosses can become 40 to 50+ years old.
Photographers: Des and Jen Bartlett

Borneo 1980 - the boy, Binti, is the son of primatologist Biruté Galdikas - look at that orangutang trying to avoid the soap :o)
Photographer: Rodney Brindamour

This is the cover from National Geographic July 2002 - one of my favourite covers (and I have that magazine) featuring the beautiful bald eagle - the magazine features the stunning photos by Norbert Rosing. Looking at this cover it almost seems like a painting with the vast shades etc. - yet knowing that it is a photo, enjoy that effect.
Whenever I spot a magazine with the signature yellow border, I just have to browse through the magazine, wether it is brand new or 30+ years old - the photos in there are a mix between timeless or a view into the then look of a city, country etc. But few realise, that some disliked when the first photos appeared in National Geographics magazines as they thought they were tabloid like that had no business in their scientific magazine. These days we regard these photos through the years as some of the best teachers as they capture things, that one never gets to see in real life.

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I like the National Geographic...did not know it was 125 years old