Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy...... Cow Appreciation Day

Did you know that July 15 is Cow Appreciation Day??

Well it is, and that is the day I chose for the Holiday's in July Card Swap over at Paper Craft Planet - July (and any other month of the year) have a lot of unknown holidays. I was to send a card to Bridget, and since she was the one who originally introduced med to Beccy's Place I immediately knew, that the quilted cow would be the image for the card.

I forgot to take a photo of the card, so here's the photo Bridget took when receiving it.

Was struggling a bit on how to color this cow when eying a black/white monochrome paper pack..... well this digistamp did not end up being colored - but paper pieced :o) To me a cow is black and white - yes, know they come in other colors too, but an old neighbor when I grew up had black/white cows only - and hey: the cows depicted on Ben&Jerry's ice creams are black/white too ;o)

Others like cows too, as here is one depicted on the wall in one of the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark - a place that I pass from time to time.

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!!

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Birdie said...

Too funny and I love my cow!