Friday, July 19, 2013

Dyeing Wishes

2nd book in the Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery series by Molly MacRae: Dyeing Wishes.

Once again, my knitting lingo is being updated. Already learned that TGIF is Thank God It's Fiber (and here we thought that it was Thank God It's Friday). New entry: UFO as in UnFinished Object. WOW!! That means that my appartment is UFO central: yarn, paper, card, fabric witness about it daily *sigh* but apparently a crafter's curse.
"And just as women shouldn't have too many cats, if she could help it she probably shouldn't have too many ghosts, or she might end up being called a crazy ghost lady."

Kath Ruthledge is still looking for her grandmother Ivy's notebooks with fiber dye secrets while still adjusting to life in Blue Plum with Geneva the ghost and the cat. Soon they stumble across a double murder and more than once the TGIF phone tree does it's work to gather minds and food to solve the murder as they know one of the murdered victims.
Kath gets more glimses if the gift that she has inherited from her grandmother and needs to rely on her instincts to interpret them - the others talk about Ivy's gift, but they do not seem to realise that it might be a little supernatural.

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