Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flora Danica

 The four parkmuseums in Copenhagen are hosting Flora Danica exhibits.
Flora Danica - flowers of Denmark - 123 years in the making (1761-1883) with a huge collection of botanical drawings showing the Danish (and Norwegian, as Norway once was part of Denmark). Elaborate copper prints are well kept, and have been the source to lots of artists (painters, sculpteurs,pottery makers,  knitters etc).
The exhibits shows us some of the copper prints and art work throug time inspired bu the copper prints - or better yet natures own artistic curves and colors.
It was actually naked men - or an article about naked men in a local newspaper that made me pursue a visit to these exhibits.... yes NAKED MEN. It was a huge and cheerfull discussion between us ladies in my office that started it, and for once the guys (they outnumber us girls) dropped their jaws and refused to take parts in our discussions due to the topic.....
Or what their minds believe were the topics....
Admit it - you too were thinking that I have now turned the subject away from flowers, but I really havent :o)

It started with a colleague seeing a photo of a plant, where some of the flowers resemble naked men.... just a few days later we discovered the news about the exhibit, and here the botanical drawing of same flower was dipicted in the new paper..... ergo no hoax with photo shop on the Facebook photo, as there was the proof. Way back when the drawing was made, the botanist were quite surprise about this phenomenon. It an orchid by the way: orchis italica.
:o) Have a nice weekend

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