Thursday, July 18, 2013

World War Z

I actually went into see a zoombie movie the other day - and one starring Brad Pitt. Now some eyebrows are raised as that is usually not a film that I would go in and see on a Sunday, but some friends asked me if I wanted to join them at the cinema - why not? And just expanding the movie world a little more.
Must admit, that there are elements/messages in the movie, that I do like - and despite being a zoombie movie it even made you think a little further about what we are doing to us/the Earth (Mother Nature). Mother Nature is the biggest serial killer of the all. At first I laughed when I heard one of the characters state that - but then the laughter stopped.
Mother Nature - one you can not beat, perhaps with modern technology slow down - who will always be the wiser. It is like people are discussing the face that more and more people get a certain kind of dissease than previous - but given the fact that a lot more people are living on Earth han "previous" are ratios actio the same or actually less? Or are we looking at an area where homo sapiens have invented a drug/medicine to alter/stop the course of a virus/dissease so Mother Nature merely adjust and alters her course/direction?
Might be a bit thorn over the subject, as I have an illness that needs medication - I believe that Mother Nature sometime tries to evolve, but then end up in a blind street and needs to learn. She is good at adapting and finding other solutions - might sound harsh that she lets something die for other things to develop into more amazing things. Then there are the homo sapiens - us - who have developed methods to survive her quirks, but would it actually be better for us in the long run, if we let her have her ways?! That will always be a hot topic, since we think, act etc. and nobodys' opinion will never be the same even in situations of life and death......

All these thoughts "just" because I saw a movie.

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