Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Steve Bloom - Livin Africa

The man on above photo is photographer Steve Bloom, who held one of his lectures in connection with the National Geographics 125 Years Exhibit in Copenhagen. Did not know much about hos photos before I went to the lecture, but decided that it would be a great opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a "new" photographer. Turned out to be a good decision.
Steve is born in South Africa but relocated to the UK in 1977 due to his dislike with the then Apartheid regime in his country. Later he returned to his beloved continent and started capturing amazing photos of people, places and animals which has also resulted in numerous books with wonderful photos. Africa for me is unchartered territory, so was quickly drawn into the photos that presented the continent in a colorful way seen through his eyes - do not know if I will ever go to Africa myself (can foresee a problem with the MS and temperatures) so a wnderful way of "travelling" to the area.
The lecture with his photos and sounds while he was talking non-stop for 1½+ hour just swooped you into his Africa - wanted to see more and yet had to stop in order to digest the photos properly. An lecture like this just want an amateur photographer to venture out more and take photos knowing that the result will never be as good as works of an professional - it makes you look/discover small facts, details you might not have seen unless you "just happened" to capture it on a photo.

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