Sunday, July 14, 2013

April and May Tea Swaps remade

I was partnered up with Robyn in Hawaii, and needed to do something with a male theme (see Fran's open call here), so came up with the above cards, using Becky's Old Boots. The base back paper is actually from a paper back, that had nice print on it and the wooden like stripes are washi tape.

Create With TLC had this Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland) freebie image a few months back, which I thought was suitable for the pouch holding the tea for Robyn.
Now you might be wondering, why I am mentioning April's teaswap for Byron again - but actually both first attempt of the April and the May swaps did not reach Hawaii - and the May swap from Hawaii has not reached here either. Second attempt on both swaps made it last weekend after 3 weeks in transit - wierd as it used to be only 1 week transit despite the distance - wonder if the changed the mail routing?

Here are the card and tea pouch remade for Byron, in link above you can read what I used as image etc.


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Birdie said...

All are very nice! Love those boots.