Monday, July 8, 2013

Close Knit Killer

Feels like coming home everytime I start reading a book about Kelly Flynn and her Lambspun friends - almost like you are there yourself in Fort Connor, Colorado.... that is what I like when reading books. However, I have one BIG problem when reading knitting mysteries: when I read I get the urge to knit and when I knit I want to read more pages in the book. I have seen some reading while knitting - and sadly I do not master that version of multi tasking..... sigh :o)

When Jared Rizzo returns to Fort Conner, he invokes bad memories and emotions in a lot of Fort Connor citizens, as he misled them years ago financially and ruined a lot of people's lives. He has paid his dept to society and has no nice words for those who confront him with the past - a person that makes you feel uncomfortable.

No murder mystery without a murder and Jared Rizzo is the victim? Who did it? A lot of people close to the Lambspun friends are suddenly possible suspects which triggers Kelly's habit for sleuthing when murders occurs in Fort Connor. All this while the House of Lambspun add more place to facilitate the yarn activities and we meet young Cassie for the first time

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