Sunday, July 28, 2013


Regular heatwave today - temperatures above 30° Celcius (86+ Fahrenheit) and no wind to cool you down resulting in an extreme humidity according to our standards - hence me once again escaping to a cool cinema:

Like the X-Men movies, so not hard to persuade me to go in and see this movie.
The scene is quickly moved to Japan, where a dying Yashida-san has requested his presense to say goodbye - Wolverine saved his life when the Americans dropped the Nagasaki A-bomb. Wolverine meets Japanese culture and traditions at a very high paste: the neom lights of Tokyo, fast train, yakuza, ninjas - inspirations from a few Japanese movies has fingerprints on this movie making it a little more "real". A bite of good humor and some twists keep this story going and you entertained, plus Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is pure eye-candy ;o)

And a hint: Keep watching the movie despite the subtiltles starting at the end - you are in for an extra treat.

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Karen said...

The weather here has turned mild, well almost cold actually! Tonight it's 11C. I am loving it.

I'm not a movie goer, but I must agree, Hugh Jackman is a treat to the eyes ;)