Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can You Spell Christmas?

p  o  i  n  s  e  t  t  i  a

The question was from my teacher in the 3rd grade, and she was surprised, that I could even spell to poinsettia. The other kids were of course laughing as I was supposed to write c h r i s t m a s.

Why did I remember this? Today is actually Poinsettia Day (as per Act of US Congress) and is celebrated all over the world.

For me, poinsettias is one of the visible signs of X-mas, just like holly, reindeers, glögg, X-mas cards, eggnog ...

I have met that teacher occationally since I left school, and she is always reminding me of this story. She once told me, that I was the first time, that she asked a student to spell Christmas, when I took her by surprise and spelled something very X-massy for me. She has repeated the question year after year and by some odd coincidence every second time, a student spells something else just like me....

A couple of years ago, having a poinsettia was kinda "out", as people a couple a years in a row couldn't get enough of Christmas trees... nowadays it seems to be all about reindeers - one of my best friends smile, as I have collected small reindeer ornaments for years already. IN-traditions seems to go in circles always return to an oldie-but-goodie :o)

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