Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't You Just Love...

.... when some plans are just altered to something even better than originally planned?

I had opted for an all me-day today, but yesterday my plans changed.

Spending time with my best friends and their kids was so refreshing... well the weather certainly helped on the refreshing part **LOL** as in red cheeks as it is really cold outside. We faced the challenge and dressed like Eskimos - well somebody may have compared our outfit to a Michelin Man.

All the snow melted away yesterday, which was really weird.... water was just everywhere. Today Father Frost made his appearance and all the water still on the ground/streets froze = outside is one biiiig icescating rink making it a challenge to stay solid on the feet.

Spending time like I did today is what I really believe that X-mas is all about: spending time with people, whose friendship means the world to me, laughing and at some point behaving like school kids again.

How did you spend your Sunday? I hope you enjoyed it :o)


Peace Be With You said...

I finished putting the lights and ornaments on my Christmas tree. That's always fun, at least when I can look at the finished result. :-)
Have a wonderful holiday.

Rosemary said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day spending time with friends and enjoying the outdoors. You have a great way of observing things.

Scientific Housewife said...

That is great but not the freezing part, haha.

Karen said...

I finished decorating the tree, had a quiet evening sipping wine, and watched more snow fall.