Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sunday Was All About Me Time

After a stressing time with my family, I decided that last Sunday was going to be a me-time day.
Reading a good book, watching a X-mas movie, knitting.... and baking brunkager (Danish X-mas cookie - the recipe is from my grandmother) and making a cup of glögg (think this originates in Sweden in another version, also a bit similar to the German gluhwein or the English mulled wine). Glögg is heated red wine with an extract of liqueur, spices (cloves, cinnamon etc), raisins and flakes of almonds - it is an aquired taste but I love it.... the true spirit of X-mas for me.

Maybe I am going to declare next Sunday as a me-day: then it will be a Dutch cookie recipe and maybe a cup of eggnog. Then spiced up with the writing of this year's batch of X-mas cards to go by snail mail.