Tuesday, December 21, 2010

World Wide News Clippings

Source: Holland Herald (KLM)

Travelling includes reading local newspapers but also magazines provided by the airline in the seat pocket in front of you (next to the safety card) in the plane. I stumbled across the headline "Eraser Memory" in KLMs free magaine - right next to a fun looking picture of.. well yes erasers - like those we used in school.

If you are collecting something, you might want to take a look at this blog... My only question to myself is: Why have I not known about Lisa Congdon's blog until now? Guess most of us have some kind of collecting habit (some more than others) and this idea about a photograph a day is a great inspiration. I am definately to buy her book when it is released next spring.

My own collecting frenzy includes miniature turtes(not live ones), Starbuck's annual X-mas mug, occationally on holidays - this:

2005 vacation picture - photo by HotchPotch

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