Saturday, December 4, 2010


Days like these - I just need some me-time!!

I took some days off work to go to a big family event and just got back home. "Just" wishing that I could have told others, that it was a great time and everything went well, but I cant.

Those two days with my family drained me from my strength, my joyfull spirit, my confindence/trust in other people and temperament was put to a stressfull test. Actually I have started to compare some of my family members with vampires, that is sucking all your mojo out of you - and it was one of my childhood friends who just have me that perceptance of those people. She has watched those family members from the outside, and cannot understand why I have not completely cut off my family.

My brother and my two nieces are the reasons why I haven't cut off the family from my life as they persistently tell me to stay just who I am. The other parts of the family complain about everything in my life:
  • Why don't you get a bigger appartment?
  • Why are you not yet married?
  • Why don't you retire early because of the MS?
  • Why do you use so much time with the creative hobby - you can't earn money on that?
Had some "hiding time" from my family - went outside in the snow and decided to take photos with my camera and forgetting all about the family. Strange that photography could be a lifesaver this particular week, since photos was a big source of my frustration.

I have found the photographer that took a picture 30 years ago and decided to give a framed reprint as a gift (they lost the original years ago) - the other family members told me a month ago, that the idea was really unique and that the gift's receivers would be thrilled. Those same family members decided to copy my idea and the receivers was swamped with tons of old photos - the receivers was wondering why this copy-cat mentality was present and had no idea how the idea originally surfaced.

Needless to say, that I feel let down by the family members and somebody think that I "took a shortcut" because I am to busy doing so much leaving me no time to find a suitable present.

I came home to find a "you survived" card from two of my best friends telling me that they like me for being me... I honestly do not know, what I would do without my friends.

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Karen said...

Sometimes it's best to stay away from family at holiday time!