Monday, December 27, 2010

World Wide News Clippings

Yep travelling again - and once more experincing a local Christmas out in the big world :o)

Having a job that is very dependant on logistics solutions and especially JIT (just-in-time), reading this article made me laugh out loud while the air. Here is the part, that initiated the giggling:

His home delivery service too, although unconventional, is light years ahead if the competition. Since deliveries are only made at night, there's no chance of the customer being out at the shops when he arrives Plus he's happy to use the chimney in the event of the front door being locked. Never once have has anybody woken up Christmas morning to find a card on the mat reding "Sorry you were out." It's also a very green service, as the only emmisions from the transport are reeindeer poo.

Business Life (British Airways) December 2010

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