Saturday, May 14, 2011

2000 Year Old Art

Well it is not an art piece but a technique, that is 2000 years old and still used in China. The crazy thing about this technique is, that it sounds so simple, but looking closer at the artworks and I am in awe and retracting the comment/thought of it being easy. "All it takes" is a piece of papers and a set of hands tearing in paper.

Wang Jiang, a Chinese artist is doing this type of art. You will find some of his artwork here but if you go to Reuter's webpage, you will find a news clip (video) of him doing the portraits of people, that is all over the news world wide. It takes him about 15 concentrated minutes to create a portrait like this - WOW!!

This underlines one of my favourite things about the internet: that I can constantly "meet" new artist and art forms, that I did not now was out there :o)


Mary K. Mennenga said...

very cool, indeed I do agree WOW!

Birdie said...

And I love that you share so we "find" them too.