Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The New Honouring the Old

A popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen, Denmark is Nyboder. Nyboder was build in 1641 by King Christian IV to house the navy personel and their families. The specific shade on yellow on these houses is called Nyboder yellow - most people (even those living there) do not know, that the original colour of these houses was red.

The houses still accomodate people affiliated with the Danish military, not so many naval people, as the navy moved most of the naval area away from Copenhagen in 1992. The houses have been classified as worthy of preservation so they are also there for future generation to watch and live in - it means that you are not allowed to alter the outside appearance in any way. They are in the midst of renovating the interiour of the house, as even I can not stand up straight inside because of very low ceilings.

This house is some of the buildings next to Nyboder - built in 1977 and honouring the old houses next door, for which it got a reward from the city counsil. The colour is the traditional Nyboder color, and the lower windows also have shutters though in a newer design.

No wonder that tourists are facinated by this area of the city.

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