Monday, May 9, 2011

One of My Favourite Things Turns 125 - Part 2

Had to take the picture with an angle as the postcards have a very glossy surface

Locally several of the retro Coca Cola posters/motifs are now available as FreeCards - if there is one thing Coca Cola has always been very good ad, it has to be branding of their product. Then there is the gazillion of different accessories with their brand also being sold.

On my first trip to New York, I remember their store on Fifth Avenue (it was closed in 2000, but rumour has it, that they might open a new store in New York) and buying some gifts to some of my friends, who were obsessed with everything Coca Cola.

Back to the postcards - they are actually advertising for their RetroPosterMaker, where you can turn your own photo into a retro poster, a fun gimick if you have children fond of CocaCola, as you can turn their faces into the characters of varios commercial pictures....

Again a darn good branding idea to keep their customers focus on them.

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Wow that is a great idea, I do love the old coca cola posters, history