Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Sign With Many Names....

...but it means the same everywhere :o)
Weird how we perceive a sign like this as something we have always known - a thing that has virtually replaced a stamp on a letter or perhaps it is the address on a letter. Did you know, that it is no a new sign, but dates back to at least 1536 - some places have used this as a measuring term.

The sign has now found a place with MoMA in NewYork in the Architecture & Design Archive - excactly what the image depicting the @ looks like, I am not sure, as it comes in multiple variations depending on the artist.

Looking up the sign on Wikipedia, you soon realise, that it has a lot of nicknames depending on which geographic part of the world you are in. Here we have nicknamed it "elephant trunk-a", other places it is a snail, little monkey tail, cinnamon bun, ear, little dog or even little mice.... Well come travel with me, follow the above Wikipedia link and learn how countries around the world nickname the @.

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

So true! it has become part of our culture