Saturday, May 28, 2011

World Wide News Clippings

Whenever I am shopping at IKEA, I swipe my IKEA FAMILY member card - everytime a member does that, a donation is made from IKEA to some preselected charity. I go to the local store 1-2 times a year, as they have great prices/selections on (tea) candles, napkins, baking forms (cupcakes/muffins), wrapping paper etc. Having signed up for the memebership - which by the way is for free - you get to receive the IKEA FAMILY LIVE magazine.

This photo caught my attention - first as "Why are they having a vacation photo in the magazine?!" Then I realised, that it was made out of the FRAKTA bag (yes everything at IKEA has it's own name). The magazine was mentioning Adrian's blog, so I ventured over there to have a peak.

She has also made a dress from a bag - what a fun idea :o) Suddenly my mind is wandering to episodes of Project Runway, where they have to make clothes of non-fabric items.

I own several of the FRAKTA bags as it was great at the time, before I bought my own washing machine hence having to go to the buildings laundry room to do all the washing of my clothes. 18 year ago I had the first encounter of this type of recycled bag, and luckily it has spread out, as I have getting a plastic bag at a store.

This makes me remember a blog that I follow, which mentioned receiving a tote bag made out of pet/bird food bags. It is made of the same material as the FRAKTA bag, but this lady mentioned that the creator, had saved the food bags, cleaned them thouroughly and made some nice tote bags. How many people would actually think of saving a food bag and make it into something that is usable and nice? Definately a person with a creative mind.


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Karen said...

I've seen a lot of bags recycled here in various ways you described. Most stores in Canada do not give out plastic bags now, and if you want one, you have to pay for it, so we have many of these bags, with just about every kind of design you can imagine.