Sunday, May 8, 2011

One of My Favourite Things Turns 125 - Part 1

I am talking about that little brown beverage .... no no not coffee.... Coca-Cola :o) Best thing I know, if my stomach acts up = medicine.

I forfeited the deposit on my 1½l bottle when tearing off this aniversary label on the plastic bottle - I just had to have it. Realising that Lisa Congdon was right - not aware that this is just another thing I collect even though I don't keep the labels in one place. It is mostly keept with travelling memorabilia or in scrapbooks next to pictures. For years I have kept the different labels with Santa Clause on them :o)
Even though you are travelling to a country with different writing than you, you are actually able to recognise the logo and turning the bottle you see the familiar "CocaCola" - I have seen the above both in South Korea and in China. That is the good thing about this brown beverage - you can get it everywhere you go, especially when the stomach just craves/screams for something familiar.

Some places they even serve cola, claiming that it is CocaCola, but me, I can actually taste if it is a Coca Cola or not - been selected to to blind tests and have so far always been able to point out the coca cola.

Imagine that you could go into a time machine - I would like to go back to May 8th, 1886, when the pharmacist John Pemberton caried a syrup to a pharmacy where water was added and sold as mixture. Not to reveal to him, what he had actually created/started, but to get the feeling on how he perceived his invention.

Boy, did I just get thirsty writing this? :o)


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

How nice it is too have CocaCola as our heritage!

Birdie said...

Guilty of same thing only on Pepsi front. Yes, I dared to post that on an ode to Coke page ;) Best stress reliever in the world and I can tell the difference too.

Karen said...

I LOVE Coke, it's the real thing! Thanks for stopping by my photo blog :)