Sunday, May 1, 2011

Those Were The Days....

Where a button was just a button, that simple one used on your clothes - buttons that had a purpose. These days buttons also pop up in connection with other crafty things.

A local fabric store started publishing their own inspiration magazine a couple of year ago, and I started to pick it up a couple of months ago, since I realised, that it contained great inspiration for sewing, but some of the sewing ideas generated card ideas. The latest issue showcased the duck buttons, which is perfect for a baby card that I have to do...... Alas craft stores of any kind are always dangerous places, as more things find its way into the shopping basked - curse of the crafty mind I guess :o) The other buttons generated even more ideas for me to do.

The card project is pushed forware since the baby arrived 5 weeks early, and I have to sneak it into this weekends time schedule unfortunately dominated by extra work at my job that landed on my desk due to other people's bad planning.

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Karen said...

I used to sew all my daughter's clothes. I have a lot of leftover novelty buttons. Using them for cards (and scrapbooking), is a terrific idea!