Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finding The Inner Child....

What is this? Well LEGO, getting back memory lane to my childhood, where only your imagination set the boundries of you creations and not the amount of building bricks. Most of my LEGO was hand-me-down from my older brothers, I did not care about that fact, because I had LEGO that entertained me for hours and hours :o)

LEGO invented in my home country and definately a household name in families with kids. Well it is not just in Denmark, that these bricks/toys brings out the inner child, as you can get these all over the world. A couple of years ago I ventured into one of the big toystores in NewYork searching for a LEGO set for my best friend's son - a set that was sold out in Denmark - the sales assistant asked me if I knew which country that LEGO is from, and when I answered, he looked confused "Not many people know that?!". The confusion went into a big smile when I answered "Well guess you do not have many Danish customers" which generated a gazilion of questions from him.

The LEGO pieces in the photo is not a gift to anybody but for myself.... They have started this Architecture series, and I could not resist this little package - I have already made suggestions in a survey on which building I think that they should include in this series.

The building I purchased as a LEGO set? Well, Empire State Building :o)


claire7q said...

Can't wait til Josh is big enough, so I can get the huge back of Lego down from the attic :)

Karen said...

I didn't play with Lego as a child, it was "only" for boys. I bought my granddaughter Lego and it now comes in "pretty girl colours". We both love it!!